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Painting the exterior of a home comes down to proper preparation.

The exterior surface may first need to be cleaned, washed and scraped before the actual painting can begin. All these steps come at their own cost, so it helps to know what level of preparation is needed. Any residential painting project typically involves the following factors:

Surface preparation

Most surfaces are prepared for painting by power washing, scraping, and leveling the surface.

Power washing removes stubborn stains and debris, while scraping is used to remove old paint from the surface. Finally, the surface is leveled before a fresh coat of paint can be applied.

Color choice

The paint color will also determine how the job is carried out. Lighter colors require a more detailed painting process in order to appear even and clean. 

Scope of the project

For larger homes, the painting project will require more preparation and cost more than smaller homes. The design of a home may also influence the project, as homes that have a simpler outdoor design are easier to paint.

How much does a home painter cost?

  • Most home painting costs average $3700 to paint the exterior.

Multi-story homes may cost more to paint. Because of the level of preparation required, older homes with worn out exteriors will often cost more to paint than newer homes that have undergone less wear and tear.

How to get the best contractor for the job

Giving a home a fresh coat of paint requires careful planning and implementation. It's important to work with a certified, licensed and experienced painter in order to give your property a fresh, new look at a competitive cost. Insurance is also important as it protects your home insurance against any unforeseen damages.