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When water is left to pool near the house it can lead to water problems in the foundation or basement.

Gutters are a great way of directing roof water away from the house.

The most common type of gutters are open gutters. They do not have a gutter screen or guard to prevent leaves and debris from entering them. The debris clogs the gutter leading to water leaks and damage to the gutters. It is therefore important for homeowners to have them cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Professional gutter cleaning

Most homeowners may opt to do gutter cleaning as a DIY project. But Gutter Cleaners are experienced in removing different types of debris carefully. They are also able to check out the condition of gutters and advise accordingly on which to replace and which ones to repair.

It is better to hire gutter cleaners for the job to be done properly.

The average cost of cleaning gutters is between $106 and $197.

  • Some professional gutter cleaners can charge up to $350 for big cleaning projects.
  • The cost of new gutters to replace the old one ranges from $4 to $100.
  • Vinyl gutters are the cheapest and most common while copper gutters are the most expensive.
  • The cost of replacing downspout can average between $50 and $100 per piece.
  • Gutter cleaning should be done at least twice a year for maximum benefits. 

Reducing gutter debris

Scheduling gutter cleaning can be a little taxing for some homeowners. Gutter screens can reduce the amount of debris that gets into the gutters. A plastic gutter mesh costs $1 per linear foot while a steel one costs $2. Downspout screens can also be used to reduce clogging. They cost $8 per piece.