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Pest control isn't a task that any homeowner should take on without nearby help.

Professional pest control services know how to get rid of those pesky critters, but it's easy to end up with a company that's just as annoying as the average pest if the following tips on how to hire for pest control aren't followed:

1. Ask about treatment methods and IPM practices

Homeowners who are concerned about the potential health impact of chemical pesticides should ask pest removal companies about the methods they use. The best companies use EPA-approved Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.

2. Ensure that they're properly licensed in your area

The right pest control company will be properly licensed by the relevant state regulatory body. The National Pesticide Information Center's List of State Agencies can help you find the relevant state contacts.

3. Read the fine print

Many pest control services near you will provide a low introductory rate but try to rope homeowners into annual contracts. Ask about any terms and conditions of service to avoid getting roped in.

Prevention can also be a good idea, if it's not too late:

  • Keep trash cans secured & covered
  • Keep compost and firewood away from structures
  • Find & remove pools of water
  • Keep an eye on storage for rodents & bugs
  • Consider cleanliness 1st with pantries & food cabinets
  • Roof vents & chimney caps should work & not be damaged
  • Clean & maintain your gutters

Following these tips will help prevent most rodents and bug issues around the house. If these do not work and you do need a pest control company, consider getting three quotes or estimates to ensure a competitive price in your nearby area.

Exterminator resources for homeowners

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