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Top Furniture Upholstery Services Near Your Area

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Furniture reupholstering is a useful way of getting more life out of your current items. It’s a cheaper option than purchasing new furniture, and reupholstering also allows you to experiment with new fabric designs. Upholstering also comes in handy when designing custom furniture for the home.

How much does furniture reupholstering near me cost?

Most customers spend an average of $652 for their furniture reupholstery. Depending on the specific item, you may end up spending $340 to $960 for the entire project. Labor costs for upholstering furniture are about $55 per hour. Here’s a cost breakdown according to specific items.


Sofas are among the costliest to upholster, depending on their size and the scope of work necessary. An average three-sofa set may cost $1,100 per chair to reupholster (inclusive of labor and fabric costs).

Larger family size couches often cost $1,200 to $3,500 to reupholster.

The higher end cost often includes services such as re-stuffing cushions, repairing broken frames, and replacing old fabric.


Individual chairs such as dining room chairs may cost $40 to $60 per chair. Other chair designs such as loveseats and large armchairs may cost between $300 to $400 to reupholster.

Factors to consider:

The cost of reupholstering furniture varies according to the following factors.

Size of the item

Larger items such as couches and large chairs often cost more (costing over $1,000 to reupholster) than smaller individual chairs (often costing under $1,000).

Fabric selections

Not all fabrics are the same. Softer and unique material choices often result in higher material costs for the project.

Custom design options

If you’re reupholstering customized furniture, the labor and material costs tend to be higher.

How do I find the best furniture upholstery professional near me?

The success of your project will depend on the contractor you choose for the job. You should always check for the following in a furniture upholstery company.

  • Years of service in the business
  • License and adequate insurance
  • Clear price estimates and payment terms
  • A portfolio of previous work