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How much do general contractors near me cost?

Most homeowners spend to $300 between $400 each day for general contractors. However, each cost is different.

General contractors typically take a certain percentage of the entire cost of the project (10-20% in most cases). Some may charge by the hour or may implement a fixed cost regardless of the type of project they’re overseeing. 

The cost will vary depending on the specific project as well as the role of the contractor. For example, general contractors who are also doing some of the work themselves may charge both a fixed percentage cost for overseeing the project as well as an hourly rate for their specific duties.

What projects require a general contractor?

General contractors come in handy during complex projects such as kitchen, bathroom or basement remodeling. Such projects often involve a combination of plumbing repairs, interior design, floor renovations and even electrical work.

General contractors will subcontract and coordinate the activities of plumbers, electricians and other contractors who will work on your home. A general contractor will come in handy to coordinate the activities of various service providers and serves as the main point of contact to ensure that all other subcontractors are carrying out their duties as expected.

In addition to making such projects easier to carry out, general contractors may also make complex projects more affordable for homeowners. They know which subcontractors to work with who may offer quality services at a competitive cost. In addition, a good general contractor near you will also ensure that the project is done to the quality and standards that you expect.