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Nearby Tree Removal Services in Your Area

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How much does it cost to remove a tree near me?

It will cost anywhere between $50 to $1,500 to remove a tree. Contact at least three tree removal experts near you to gauge your area's price points.

How much does it cost to remove a fallen tree near my house?

Expect to pay between $50 to $200. This should be easy to price out.

How much does it cost to cut down a massive tree?

Budget for more than $1,600. Large tree removal is a significant project - the price will increase if the tree is close to your house.

What services do tree removal services offer?

  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree healthcare (diseases, etc.)
  • Tree cabling
  • Tree pruning
  • Wood chip/mulch delivery
  • Tree spraying

If removing a tree, how can I find a new one?

If the service pro you hire cannot help, consider checking out the Arbor Day Foundation's Trees Section for affordable options and tree giveaways.

Before I pick the right company near me to remove my tree, what other questions or factors should I consider?

  1. If no online reviews, ask them for referrals. If a tree removal company is reputable, you won't be their first client. It's perfectly acceptable to ask for references on your initial call, and if a removal company won't provide referrals, it's time to move on.
  2. Find out what equipment they use. Some types of tree removal equipment are better than others, and a removal company might need special tools to get your particular job done. On your first conversation with a prospective removal company, make sure that you clearly express the nature of the job you want accomplished, and receive assurances that the tools that the company has at their disposal will cut it. For instance, if a removal company doesn't have a crane, their reach is significantly limited.
  3. Consider all of the costs. Always ask for an estimate up-front. Even if a company provides you with an estimate without hesitation, make sure that there aren't any hidden costs.

While the trees in your backyard are good for the environment and look beautiful, they could present a danger to your home under the wrong circumstances. If you live in an area where fires are common or a rotted out tree is threatening to fall over, you'll need to have one or more trees removed, and this task is beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner.