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The lowly home clothes dryer performs its work day in and day out without much thanks. Until it breaks down, and you need to tackle dryer repair.

Common Problems Leading to Dryer Repair

The #1 problem for most dryer issues is a clogged dryer vent.

Be sure to clean the lint trap with every load, vacuum out the lint area inside the dryer, and annually disconnect the dryer vent pipe to clean it out. 

Other common problems:

  • Faulty timer
  • Malfunctioning terminal block
  • Balky motor
  • Broken drum belt
  • Worn-out roller
  • Bad temperature switch
  • Broken thermostat
  • Bad start switch

If you read that list and have no idea what part is what, use this list of dryer repair services near you to contact a top pro. On the other hand, most dryer parts are available through the internet, so you may be able to handle repairs yourself. That brings up an important question:

Do It Myself or Hire a Pro Near Me?

Get professional repair help if in doubt. Most of us cannot handle DIY dryer repairs.

But if you are handy, you can attempt to handle some dryer repairs yourself. Remember most people end up doing more damage to their appliance when they attempt DIY repairs. Here are a few tips:

  • Always remember to turn off circuit breakers or disconnect fuses before poking around.
  • For many repair problems, a multi-meter, screwdrivers, nut drivers or an adjustable wrench may get your appliance up and drying again. 
  • Parts diagrams and owner's manuals are available online.
  • Many forums offer tips on parts replacement.
  • Of course, know your dryer brand and specific model numbers before ordering parts online, as many are not returnable. 
  • Start with the easiest, least intrusive repairs before disassembling your machine.