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The quality of any tinting job will depend on the service provider as well as the materials used during installation. Understand how window tinting is done, as well as its associated benefits:

Benefits of Window Tinting

The most common reasons for window tinting include:


  • Window tinting is useful for reducing visibility from the outside looking in. This can prevent break-ins because people won’t easily see what is inside.

Climate control

  • Tinted windows reduce temperatures inside the car by as much as 60%. They also filter out harmful UV rays on hot, sunny days.

Improving visibility

  • Tints placed on windshields improve visibility while on the road. They cut out rays from the sun that may hit the eyes while driving.

Window protection

  • Window tinting also reduces the risk of breakage or shattering.

How much does it cost?

Most window tinters charge between $25-$75 for each window.

The total window tinting cost varies between $200-$400 for the entire vehicle. Higher costs may be incurred for higher quality tint films. For example, colored, metallic, and ceramic tints often cost between $500-$800 to install on the entire car. Tinting all windows will cost more than doing partial tints.

The type of installation being carried out also matters. Some installers simply apply the tint in a standardized manner to all vehicles. Others custom-cut their tints for each window in your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit.

##Identifying high quality Window Tinting If tinting is done poorly, films will fall off. The film should fit tightly on windows so it doesn’t fall off, and air bubbles should also be absent from the film surface.