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Our Top Deck Builders Near Your Area

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Be sure to review these important questions to ask deck companies near you. And remember, a new deck will add a lot of value to any home:

1. How do I protect my investment?

Make Sure They're Licensed & Insured

The right deck builders will be properly licensed and insured. They will be happy to provide copies of their insurance plan and licensing information. Some companies also provide warranties for their work, and good companies always station supervisors at the job site to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Ask about all of these details to make sure that you've found the right company.

2. How do I ensure a great price for my nearby area?

Get Everything in Writing

When you get an initial estimate, make sure to get it in writing. You'll need to compare it with your contract to make sure that everything matches. Then, if you end up drafting up a contract with that company, ensure that it includes a breakdown of all of the costs and that there aren't any hidden fees. If you end up having a dispute with your deck builders, you'll need this paper trail to make sure that things go your way.

3. How do I find the best deck company near me?

Check References & Online Reviews

A reputable company won't hesitate to provide you with the phone numbers of past clients. If you speak to these customers, make sure to ask about the company's timeliness, honesty, materials, and methods, and then cross-reference this information with the company's detailed local reviews online. A company near you that refuses to provide client testimonials should be scrutinized.