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Top Washing Machine Repair Services Near Your Area

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Most people will choose to repair a washing machine rather than replace it.

How much does washing machine repair near me cost?

Washing machine repair costs are lower than the cost of buying a new machine. The average repair costs range from $51 to $350 for parts and labor depending on the type of machine you have.

Common washing machine repairs from neighbors near you:

  • A Motor Without Agitation. Repairing a motor that runs without agitation can cost $95 to $145 to repair. This can be caused by a spike in electric current or just some worn out part. Either way, it is important to have someone check it out.
  • Broken Pump. Replacing a broken washing machine pump can cost up to $120 to $225. A broken pump can cause water not to drain after a wash. If the pump is broken, then water cannot be pumped into the washing machine. Sometimes, the pipes-or-pump may be clogged by debris. Unclogging a washing machine would cost way less than replacing the pump.
  • Worn out Motor Belt. Replacing a worn out motor belt or pulley may cost between $90 and $250. A worn out belt is the reason why a machine won’t run. The belt can be frayed, broken or just old and in need of replacing. The machine can give off the smell of burned rubber.
  • Wobbling Machine. The Wobbly machine is an indicator of imbalanced or worn out suspension-or-bearings that do not function properly.  The cost averages between $65 and $185. The best case scenario is that your machine needs to be balanced. The worst case is that you may need to buy new suspensions and bearings.

How do I find the right washer repair near me?

Most contractors work by the hour. It is important to find the right person for your repair job. You should ask your friends and families for referrals of good contractors. Before choosing a contractor ask for several quotations from at least three companies to compare the price. Have a diagnostic done on the machine before the repairs start. This way a contractor will not slip in more "needed" repairs later.