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Carpenters provide a wide range of services that span across many different parts of the home. Knowing what role carpenters play will make it easier to budget and to find the right person for the job.

How much does hiring a carpenter near me cost?

Most homeowners pay between $250 to $500 for the services of a carpenter.

If charging by the hour, expect to pay $35 to $100 per hour. Factors that will affect the overall cost include the following:

Does labor come into play?

Labor costs charged by the hour or at a fixed rate depending in the value of the project.

What about tools and materials?

A carpenter near you will factor in the materials needed for your project. You may have to purchase all required materials, while the carpenter will typically provide their own tools.

Does the homeowner need to do anything for worksite preparation?

If your worksite is difficult to access or it makes the carpenter’s work harder, carpenters may charge more or spend more time on the job.

There are typically three types of carpenters.

  • Rough carpenters: offer structural related work such as framing a house, building outdoor structures, or installing features in the home.
  • Finish carpenters: focus on more specific tasks such as doors, furniture, and windows.
  • Repairers: carry out general repairs to structures around the home.

Why hire a carpenter near me?

Their widespread roles and abilities make any project within the home much easier to carry out. If you’re building a new structure, they construct the outer frame and ensure that it’s structurally sound. They also carry out smaller-scale repairs to various objects around the home. Make sure you work with a carpenter near you who has experience and is friendly to customers.