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Nearby Gas Fireplace Repair in Your Area

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Ask yourself these questions to help find reliable service for quality gas fireplace repair near you. 

What are common problems with gas fireplaces?

Two overriding problems are common to gas fireplaces, almost always leading to gas fireplace repair work for a local service:

  • Gas fireplace will not light — this could be a clogged pilot light, broken thermopile, closed gas valve, or (in older models) a faulty thermocouple
  • Flue venting — Even with clean-burning propane or natural gas, deposits can build up in the flue, blocking combustion gases from escaping; this is extremely dangerous

What parts typically need gas fireplace repair?

Electronic or electric ignitions often require professional service to adjust or replace them. Other parts that require replacement or repair:

  • Thermopiles, sensors that converts electrical impulses into thermal energy to ignite the gas, can fail and are easily replaced by a professional
  • Gas burners can become clogged with dust and debris, leading to an impure burn (fluttering flames) and weak flames
  • Gas valves can either not open to allow gas to flow for ignition, or they may leak when closed; sniff for the tell-tale stink of the additive gas, methyl mercaptan, used to signal a gas leak

How much should gas fireplace repair near me cost?

Angie's List research found you should expect a $100 average charge for a service call, with costs of around $150 for pilot light repair.