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Proper HVAC maintenance is one of the best ways of keeping energy consumption low and enjoying better indoor air quality.

Along with replacing filters on schedule and checking the thermostat frequently, it's also important to regularly clean ducts and vents. Duct cleaning problems cause high energy bills during both summer and winter.

Professional duct cleaning, in some cases, can lead to energy savings of 20%.

Why duct cleaning is important

Having ducts professionally cleaned is beneficial in many different ways:

  • Improved indoor air quality - Air ducts accumulate dirt and debris over the years. They may also be susceptible to pest infestation if they haven’t been sealed. These particles pollute indoor air supply reducing the quality of the air you breathe. With proper cleaning, dirt and debris is removed from your home’s air supply.
  • Increased comfort - If ducts are not clean, you may experience inconsistent air temperature in different parts of the home. For example, some rooms may be too hot or too cold because various ducts are partially blocked or heavily soiled. With proper cleaning, airflow is consistent and reliable at all times.

Duct Cleaning costs

The average duct cleaning cost for most homeowners is $400, with prices fluctuating between $300-$500. You should expect to pay about $35 per vent (with the cost being slightly higher for larger homes).

Some hiring tips:

  • Be wary of low price offers - some contractors don’t actually provide quality cleaning services.
  • Some services may claim the ducts are infested with mold in order to up-sell on unnecessary services.
  • Ensure that the contractor uses the right equipment during cleaning.
  • Have the contractor use outdoor vent equipment in order to avoid polluting your home during the cleaning process.
  • Make sure your contractor is adequately qualified and experienced in order to prevent any duct cleaning problems.