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Top Septic Tank Cleaning Near Your Area

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Septic tank cleaning is an important process - debris can solidify and end up blocking pipes that lead into and out of the tank itself. With proper cleaning, all debris inside the tank can be removed in order to prevent issues.

How is septic tank cleaning done? What is the process?

The septic tank cleaning process involves the following steps:

  • Accessing the tank. Cleaning begins by accessing the main septic tank. The lid is first removed and special equipment is used to access the inside of the tank itself.
  • Removal of debris. Next, pumping equipment is used to remove all solid debris that has accumulated within the tank. A power hose is also used to dislodge any debris that is stuck along the tank walls.
  • Inspection of the tank structure. Your contractor may also inspect the inside/outside of the tank for any structural damage and surface effluent.

How much does septic tank cleaning near me cost?

Most homeowners incur $280 to $500 for their septic tank cleaning.

It’s advisable to have the tank pumped at least once every three years. If you let the tank overflow, it can result in significant problems that may require replacement (a $5,000 to $10,000 cost). If you notice pools of water around the home, slow draining sinks and toilets, or frequent foul odors, it may be time for septic tank cleaning.

What should I look for in a contractor near me?

Before you hire a professional for this service, here are questions to ask your septic tank cleaner.

  • What specific steps are included in your cleaning service?
  • Do you charge a fixed cost or by the hour?
  • Where is the waste taken for disposal?
  • What if I experience problems after the cleaning process?

These questions will make it easier to estimate the septic tank cleaning cost and whether your contractor is a good pick for the job.